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The Montana - a work of Art

The ProCura has been doing business in the real estates for more than 30 years now. One of the Calgary Downtown Candos is The Montana, which is a 27 story-building located on 15th Avenue SW, Calgary. 15 Avenue SW is located Calgary’s uptown district. The building comes with superb amenities including a full-service concierge. The architecture of this building is breath taking.

On the first floor you have the Olympia, which has an area of 860 square feet. It has one bedroom whose dimensions are 14’4” X 15’7”. The living area is 12’1” X 12’5” while the dining area is 15’10” X 13’. The kitchen is attached with the dining area.

On the second and third floor you have the Carlyle which has an area of 756 square feet. The dimensions of the bedroom are 11’6” X 12’. The living area and dining area combined is 14’6” X 12’while the den measures 7’4” X 6’. There is also a balcony.

From the 4th floor to the 17th floor you have the Cascade which is 677 square feet in area. The dimensions of the bedroom are 11’6” X 12’. Living and dining area combined is 14’7” X 12’. The den is smaller.

From the 10th to the 22nd floor you have The Empire Penthouse which has an area ranging from 1355 square feet to 1410 square feet. It has two bedrooms. The dimensions of the smaller bedroom are 11’4” X 10’4”, while the dimensions of the larger bedroom are 11’6” X 11’3”. Living and dining area combined is 23’10” X 18’11”. There are two balconies, a walk-in closet, and an ensuite.

From the 19th to the 21st floor you the Georgia Penthouse which has an area ranging from 1295 square feet to 1329 square feet. It has two bedrooms. The dimensions of the smaller bedroom are 11’4” X 12’6” while the dimensions of the larger bedroom are 13’6” X 13’6”. Living and dining area combined is 19’ X 18’10”. The den’s dimensions are 6’8” X 5’10”. There is one balcony and also an ensuite along with a walk-in closet.

On the 22nd floor you have The Grand Penthouse which has an area ranging from 1175 square feet to 1209 square feet. There are two bedrooms. The dimensions of the smaller bedroom are 11’3” X 12’6” while the dimensions of the larger bedroom are 13’7” X 11’10”. Living and dining area combined is 21’3” X 14’3”. There is a balcony, a walk-in closet and an ensuite.

On the 23rd floor you have The Edwards Estate which has an area ranging from 1883 square feet to 1891 square feet. It has two bedrooms. The dimensions of the smaller bedroom are 11’4” X 17’8” while the dimensions of the larger bedroom are 17 X 11’10”. The den’s dimensions are 10’4” X 5’6”. Living area and dining area dimensions are 24’11” X 18’8” and 11’ X 18’6” respectively. There is a walk-in closet, two ensuite, a powder room, and a balcony.

From the 25th to the 27th floors you have The Nellie Estate which has an area ranging from 2496 square feet to 2511 square feet. There are three bedrooms. The dimensions of the two smaller bedrooms are 10’7” X 17’2” and 9’9” X 11’5” respectively. Bigger bedroom’s dimensions are 16’X 15’1”. The den’s dimensions are 11’4” X 12’1”. The dimensions of the living area are 10’8” X 20’5”. There is a powder room, three walk-in closets, four balconies and one ensuite. Dining area dimensions are 16’6” X 11’3”.

Among all the Calgary Downtown Candos the Montana can be easily described as one of the best.

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A brief over view of Stone Ridge Canmore

Prospect Developments (2003) Inc. was started by Garry Townsend. The company has built projects including Grizzly Ridge, Rundle Estates by the Bow, and Falcon Crest Resort. One of their projects is Stoneridge which is a four story condo. 

The apartments are divided into one bedroom, one bedroom with den, two bedrooms, two bedrooms with den, and three bedrooms.
There are different layouts for each type of apartments. The one-bedroom has three layouts, one-bedroom with den has four layouts, two-bedroom has six different layouts, two-bedroom with den has four layouts, while three-bedroom has only layout. These different layouts are spread throughout the four floors. 

During summer you can engage yourself in horseback riding, fishing, golf, camping, whitewater rafting/canoeing/kayaking, and hiking. During winter you can do ice climbing, cross country skiing, and snowboarding/skiing. 

The amenities near this Canmore Condos are golf courses, skiing areas and parks. The golf courses that are near by are Stewart Creek Golf Course, Silvertip Golf Course, and Canmore Golf club. For skiing you can go to Fortress ski Hill, Sunshine Mountain Ski Hill, and Lake Louise Ski Hill. You can also visit the Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country, and Banff National Park. Some of the amenities you can find in the courtyard are the exercise room, outdoor fire pit, hot tub, and the year-round swimming pool. 

The various features of this Canmore Condos include the plumbing features, construction features, the various appliances, finishing features, bathroom features, typical floor assembly, parkade, corridor wall assembly, exterior finishes, demising walls and interior finishes.

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Get the Best food for your Pets

Have you ever wondered why choosing organic pet food over conventional supermarket brands is the best choice?  For the many pet owners who have made this switch, they have noticed a tremendous difference in the well-being of their pets. 
A few months ago I started to feed my golden retriever
Organic Dog Food after using grocery store brands for years, and immediately I began to notice significant benefits that I would like to share with you.  Here are the top five reasons why I continue to choose these products for my pets. 

For starters, both my cat and my dog have lost weight since they switched to this new diet.  The main reason this has happened is because organic pet food does not have fillers like many of the major brands do. Common fillers such as corn and wheat make pet food cheaper to produce, but do not provide any nutritional value for your pet.  If your pet is always hungry because they are not getting the nutrition that they need, then they will continue to overeat and gain more weight. 

Secondly, cheap pet foods packed with fillers like wheat can be harmful to many animals because of common pet allergies.  For example, many dogs are allergic to wheat products and can suffer from itchy, swelling skin as a result.  However, choosing
Organic Dog Food means that your pet will only get ingredients that are necessary to help maintain good health and promote sound nutrition. 

The third reason that I continue to use these products is because I know that my pets are getting the high amounts of protein that they need. When producers avoid using fillers and use only the best ingredients in their products, these foods are full of proteins that are vital to your pet’s health.  Since I started feeding my cat organic cat food, her coat looks more shiny and healthy than it ever has before.  Plus, she hardly sheds her fur at all anymore, which is a welcome bonus! 

The fourth benefit of choosing organic pet food is that you can be sure that your pet will be getting all of the daily nutrients that they require. Cheap foods that use low quality ingredients and fillers do not contain enough of the essential vitamins and minerals that animals require for maintaining good health and avoiding sickness. After all, the health and well-being of our pets should be our number one priority. 

Finally, choosing organic cat food has drastically changed how happy my cat is because she is getting a well balanced diet that meets all of her nutritional needs.  This makes a huge difference to me because she no longer disturbs everyone with constant meowing and scratching, but is always purring instead.  Keep in mind, if your pet is satisfied with their diet, then they will not looking for food all of the time. 

And remember, happy pets make happy owners!

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On-line accounting services provided by LedgersOnline 

In the year 2002 Wayne Zielke founded LedgersOnline. Wayne was working as a Chartered Accountant at that time. The idea struck him during one long night when the tax season was at its peak. His idea was to develop a system that will make the task of bookkeeping less tedious and time consuming. This system will provide financial data that is both clean and concise. This data can be relayed by his clients to both their financial partners and accountants. In order to do this he put together a team consisting of technical and financial people.  
The online accounting software used will help clients maintain ledgers on a daily bases. The system works like this; you first scan the source documents and then upload them onto LedgersOnline. The staff member who has been assigned to you will receive the documents. They will then open your accounting files to make the necessary entries. The company provides both monthly reports and financial reviews. These financial statements and finished reports can be downloaded by you anytime you want and from any place. This is the advantage of using an online accounting software .

One of the benefits of working with LedgersOnline is that they provide cost effective services. You also have accounting solutions that are custom made to suit your business. Your accounts will be stream lined. Prompt service is guaranteed through their accounting help desk. Their accountants are highly trained and very professional. They use turnkey solutions so that you don’t have to change your existing accounting practices. It does not matter how you do your bookkeeping or what level your business is in, LedgersOnline will have a plug in solution that will work for you. 
One of the biggest advantages of working with LedgersOnline is that they charge for the number of transactions sent to them per month, in other words the hours put in by the bookkeeper is not considered. The level of encryption used for the on-line accounting software is the same as those used by banks, thereby making them very secure.


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